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Entry #5

Lololol I made a small sculpture of JB. :D

2010-12-13 11:02:45 by JBTheAnimator

I bought some clay and thought I could make JB from it.
It kinda failed but I'm still not done with it...
The hair and armor aren't done yet, also the legs need a little more work on.
But all in all I think it looks pretty good for a noob sculpture.
This is like the second time I worked with clay.
It really sucks working with it btw.
Your hands get covered in that stuff and it hardeneds pretty fast if you have a thin layer of that stuff on your hands.
Anyway, I'll update this when I'm done with it.
Adding hair, spikes, details etc.
And also painting it... which is going to suck... :D

Lololol I made a small sculpture of JB. :D


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2010-12-14 10:42:54

maybe its not finished but it already looks awsome