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I bought some clay and thought I could make JB from it.
It kinda failed but I'm still not done with it...
The hair and armor aren't done yet, also the legs need a little more work on.
But all in all I think it looks pretty good for a noob sculpture.
This is like the second time I worked with clay.
It really sucks working with it btw.
Your hands get covered in that stuff and it hardeneds pretty fast if you have a thin layer of that stuff on your hands.
Anyway, I'll update this when I'm done with it.
Adding hair, spikes, details etc.
And also painting it... which is going to suck... :D

Lololol I made a small sculpture of JB. :D

The Edge Of Chaos!

2010-10-27 01:16:12 by JBTheAnimator

Haven't bin updating on this site for a while so I'll do it now I guess.
''The Edge Of Chaos'', that's the name I have chosen for this thing.
It sounds pretty cool and it gives you a little hint on what's it about.
The story is too complicated and long for me to type it in this box...
Plus I'm lazy. :P
But I'll tell you a few things that matter.

It's about Earth getting overtaken by an Anti-Universe Race that seeks
''Chaos Crystals'' witch have powers that shouldn't even have existed in that universe
that landed on Earth.
The Crystals are unique and attract to energy waves (Chaos Energy) of their wavelengths.
So then a few chosen get the Crystals and slay evil.
What evil?
Three kinds:
1. The Anti-Universe Race (or Aliens I guess)
They seek only power for their own gain.
Your typical bad guys.

2. Dark Chaos Fiends.
Left out Chaos energy from Dark Chaos Warriors.
The only thing they want is to destroy good.

3. Dark Chaos Warriors.
Chaos Warriors that took the bad road.

And that's it, too lazy to type more bull shit in.
Maby I'll update some more later...

The Edge Of Chaos!

These are the characters that are going to star in my own series that i'm making.
I'm still thinking of a good name for it.
I want it to make sense and fit with the story line...
wich I'm also still in the progress of making. :p
Hope you like the drawing! :D

Making my own serie soon! :3

For a friend.

2010-05-25 16:32:46 by JBTheAnimator

I made this re-make of my friends character.
This is sort of a practice for me. :3

For a friend.

I have made a new look of my own character! :3

2010-03-27 15:28:36 by JBTheAnimator

I made my own character first from paint, then in pivot (Pivot is a simple animating program)
And finally in flash! :D
my character is part ninja part Megaman and part paladin.
Well the paladin part is weak but still he looks awesome in my eyes! :3

Oh yeah... those black hairs are not EYEBROWS!
Its like in anime... yaknow like in DBZ...

I have made a new look of my own character! :3